When the CDC created V-Safe as a way to track individuals who received the experimental COVID-19 “vaccines,” the agency vowed to be completely transparent. Remember—despite forcing millions of frightened human beings to take the jab—there were subpar clinical trials.

The free-text entries are critical because, shockingly, despite having an index of “adverse events of special interest” listed in its protocol, V-Safe entirely omitted those same adverse events from being tracked. As explained by ICAN, instead of asking V-safe participants about whether, for example, they experienced things such as anaphylaxis, myocarditis, or coagulopathy after taking an entirely experimental “vaccine” based on technology never before used, the CDC carelessly deliberately only asked about minor and generalized reactions, such as “chills,” “headache,” “fatigue or tiredness,” and “vomiting.”

(permanent archive at https://archive.is/r94do)

Covid Safety Data
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