“Free speech is a precondition for truth.” Well, unless you’re under 16. Then the nanny state decides.

While in Iowa on the 2024 presidential campaign trail, republican presidential contender and Constitutional pretender Vivek Ramaswamy made clear he wants an outright social media ban for those under 16. Never mind the government has no authority to do that, Vivek’s government will regulate your speech (just like Brandon’s government). This will require digital IDs for social media where the State, not parents, choose what is and is not right for their children.

Ramaswamy is a fellow Buckeye and may or may not be a WEF Young Global Leader, but it’s clear is he no advocate for freedom of speech for all Americans.

The best tyrants are those who might otherwise appear pretty decent, but in their zeal would happily impose their personal standards of justice and fairness on others, thereby achieving neither justice nor fairness for anyone. There’s a reason the Constitution chains the power of government.

Hard pass. 🤦‍♂️


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